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Online Reputation Management

We are a team that breaks the traditional and conventional way of political canvassing. The world is changing , people are changing ideas are changing and we love to change moulds we love to alter the opinion and deciding the undecided. We believe that political leaders are the one who are the biggest stakeholders in changing the world, So our political campaigns are selective to deliver results with honesty and integrity. Read more

Brand managment

Brand managment

We are as much Brand conscious as you are. Whichever field you are there always is your audience surfing on social media whom you want to influence. At Redclay , we conduct a deep audit of your content strategy, competitors’ playbook, audience motivations, and channel opportunities. Armed with our insights and your vision and goals, we’ll co-design a roadmap for community engagement and business growth. Read more

Celebrity Management

We know the importance of YOU as a Brand and your presence on most popular and powerful social media platforms. Remember your fan base is using social media on a daily basis. It is of high importance that you keep them connected and engaged to you so that you’re always their first option. Besides, You need to listen to what your fans are saying about you on social media and respond to them occasionally. Read more

Startup Digital Marketing Agency

Start up Special

Stratups are our love and so we work with you , not for you. We work with startups right from the inception phase to scaling up the business and helping them to gain traction at social sites so they could focus on their mainstream. Our young , energetic and creative team equipped with latest tools are there with you to take your dream business off the ground.Read more

Not For Profit

Non-profit organizations play a very crucial role in today’s world. They vociferously raise awareness about social, economic, political, and environmental problems and try to address the problems faced by mankind at large. With changing time and medium of communication these organizations also need to change the way they work to amplify their voice and work.Read more


Fashion is rapid and so is social media. Traditional method of fashion promotion is making way for social media advertisements and digital representation. We intend to partner with fashion industry and brands for deeper social media penetration to the bigger audience. Our specialized and customised services augments the business proposition of our clients Read more

We identify the best social marketing strategies that drive your target market

Our Methodology

Social Media Marketing


The first step in our journey is to have deep insight into the existing digital content of our prospective partner. Our experts study your content and strategy in depth to analyse the future course and rebuilding the content wherever required.

Social Media Marketing


Keeping in mind vision and goals of our partner we co formulate the strategy for the business which is generic as well as competitive. This strategy remains at the core and the fore of all the action which is designated to be undertaken.

Social Media Marketing


Content is the nucleus of all the social media activities and and the strongest factor. We create unique content that generates attention and applause and is visually appealing. Our graphics and videos are suitably matched for business needs.

Social Media Marketing


Social Media plans need to be aggressively pushed before the target audience. Our daily activity is driven on this principle to build the community block by block. We ensure that we scale up some heights every day to achieve this goal

Social Media Marketing


Our advertisement goal is based on how and when they can engage the target audience . We distribute ad budget on different platforms anticipating the intended impact they can create on these platforms and attribute successes to our clients.

Social Media Marketing


We are crazy about the analytics and insights of the campaign performances and absolutely non robotics. Our team spends lot of time to track the analytics which helps us to understand the behaviour of target audience and also strategy evolution

Social Media Marketing

Why Do You Need A Social Media Management Company?

Target Audience is on Social Media

Irrespective of your business industry this is almost certain that majority of your customers or prospective customers are active on social media. It is imperative for the brands to stay in touch with this audience base and social media is the most economic and measurable medium to interact.

Searches on social media

It is almost certain that people search social media to gather information about brand and product and services associated with the brand. In some cases they might be searching product or services similar to your brands So brand should remain vigil and agile to tap this segment online.

Social media conversation

Social media is the most convenient and versatile platform for this generation to express happiness or anguish. It necessitates brand not only to be present on social media platforms but also be vigil about the conversation and also influence it subtly in it's favour.

Social Media Management

With growing popularity and influence of social media, the sector has evolved highly towards technology and professionalism. With fast moving changes in social media techniques brands need to deploy the social media experts to as to focus on their core area leverage social media through experts.